How to use a silicone mold to bake a cake?

1. Stir the cake making ingredients according to the cake making formula and put in the silicone cake mold.

2. According to the shape of the silicone cake mold, the raw materials are placed and the shape of the cake is shaped.

3. Sprinkle chocolate, raisins and other decorations on top of the cake making ingredients.

4. Put the cake silicone mold that has been made into raw materials into the oven.

5. After the baking is completed, remove the cake silicone mold and let it cool naturally.

6. Take out the finished cake from the silicone mold and release the mold.


1. For the first time, please pay attention to cleaning the mold and apply a layer of butter on the mold. This operation can extend the life cycle of the mold, and then do not need to repeat this operation.

2, do not directly contact the open flame, or heat source, do not approach the weapon.

3. When baking, pay attention to place the mold in the center or down position of the oven to avoid the mold close to the heating part of the oven.

4. When baking is completed, pay attention to wearing heat-insulating gloves and other heat-insulating equipment to take out the mold from the oven, and wait for cooling for a while before releasing the mold. For the demolding operation, please drag the mold to the bottom of the mold to loosen the mold.

5, because the silica gel is heated quickly and evenly, so the baking time is different from the traditional metal mold, please pay attention to adjust the baking time.

6. When cleaning the mold, please do not use steel balls or metal cleaning products to clean the mold to prevent damage to the mold and affect the later use. In use, please refer to the oven instructions.