How about silicone phone case cooling effect?

Everyone knows that the computer is used for too long. The CPU temperature is too high, which will cause the motherboard and the line to become hot. At present, the current mobile phone is similar. After a long-term use, the battery and the screen are hot, so many friends ask questions to use the mobile phone silicone protective cover. Whether the heat effect on the mobile phone will have an impact, today we will come to the science of silicone products will affect the phenomenon of mobile phone cooling!

Firstly, as long as the electronic products such as mobile phones and electrical appliances are hot and hot, it is normal for the smart phones to generate heat. With the replacement of the mobile phones, the electronic component processing performance of the CPUs is becoming more and more high-end. From the original dual-core to quad-core to the eight-core processor, and compression in a small mobile phone after long-term operation does not appear to be hot, so even if there is no silicone protective cover cooling effect is not very large, very protective sleeve is not much The connection!

Silicone is a low thermal resistance and high temperature heat conduction, high flexibility synthetic material. Under normal circumstances, silica gel can be used normally under high temperature conditions of about 200 degrees. Silicone rubber products are processed by high temperature vulcanization, so it is generally not too high. The temperature is difficult to transfer heat, and the thermal conductive resin and the thermal conductive silicone sheet are currently a popular material for computer CPUs.

So in principle, the silicone phone case does not hinder the heat dissipation of the phone. Although it fits closely, the heat inside the phone is faster from the holes in the phone, and the essence of the silicone case. Performance generally does not appear to be sensitive to the heat of such a low temperature mobile phone!